[FOM] Question on the relevance of pragmatism to mathematical abstraction

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Wed Nov 23 02:29:11 EST 2005

Richard Haney  wrote:

> Can anyone provide some modern references on the relation of pragmatism
> to mathematical abstractions?

I am not aware of any explicitly pragmatist views in the philosophy of 
mathematics, but Dummett's "anti-realism" can perhaps be viewed as a close 
relative of pragmatism.  (Dummett's "Realism and anti-realism", in: The 
Seas of Language, OUP 1993, is a good place to start.)

> I would be particularly interested in any references and/or discussion
> that might suggest or rebut the idea that "various mathematical ideas
> are meaningless because they do not have a pragmatic relevance or
> interpretation in terms of empirical phenomena".

One problem with all such views is that they would make, not only a large 
part of (all of?) mathematics, but also a large part of natural science 
meaningless. Hence one should think twice: Are such philosophical ideas on 
meaning and meaningfullness really more strongly justified than our best 

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