[FOM] Formal grammar question

Todd Wilson twilson at csufresno.edu
Tue Nov 8 23:54:53 EST 2005

A.P. Hazen wrote:
> At least the obvious intuitive way of checking Polish formulas
> involvesd more back-and-forthing.  Is this essential?

You can evaluate Polish expressions using a stack, as its done on the 
old HP calculators, or in the Forth programming language, or in 
PostScript (the printer language/file format): starting from the left 
and proceeding to the right, every time you read an operand, push it 
onto the stack, and every time you read an n-ary operator, pop n 
arguments from the stack, perform the operation, and push the result 
back on.  Without actually doing the operations, you can check 
well-formedness simply by keeping track of the stack size as you move 
across the formula, making sure that it is always non-negative, and 
checking that it is equal to 1 at the end.

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