[FOM] colour or colours

A.R.D.Mathias Adrian-Richard-David.Mathias at univ-reunion.fr
Tue Nov 1 20:10:13 EST 2005

On Tuesday 01 November 2005 06:17, Richard Heck wrote:
> surely you do not really think that
> changing the lighting conditions changes the ink's color.

I'd be inclined to think that the statement "the ink is blue" amounts to a 
bundle of more detailed statements about the appearance of the ink under 
various conditions, (so that changing the lighting means shifting from one of 
these more detailed statements to another)  together with a Platonic belief 
in some objective global entity about which each of these statements is 
giving partial information. 

I haven't checked recently but there was a time when under certain conditions 
(usually when I was fatigued and had been lying on one side for some time) my 
two eyes perceived hues, if not colours, differently. One would see an object 
as a rich red, the other as a watery red. Which eye was correct ?  I always 
assumed it was something to do with differences in the blood supply to the 
two eyes, as if I changed position to lie on my other side, the eyes would, 
given a little time,  exchange perceptions. 

A. R. D. Mathias 

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