[FOM] workshop announcement

Andreas Weiermann weiermann at math.uu.nl
Wed May 18 16:16:54 EDT 2005

Workshop on phase transitions in logic and Ramsey theory

>From 25-27.05.2005 there will be a research
workshop on recent developments on phase
transitions in logic 
results for arithmetic)
and Ramsey theory
at the Mathematics department
in Utrecht. Special emphasis will be given
on classifying the phase transition from
provability to independence in Kanamori
McAloon style assertions. Moreover
the relationship between the infinitary
versions of Ramsey's theorem (standard, regressive,
canonical, Friedman style)
with density principles, largeness
principles and finite (standard, regressive, resp.
canonical, Friedman style) Ramsey
theorems will be investigated.
The idea is to gather people working
in combinatorics, proof theory and non standard
models for joint research during 25-27.05.2005.
Further, we intend to discuss future research perspectives.
Participants include Andrey Bovykin, Lorenzo Carlucci,
Gyesik Lee and Andreas Weiermann (organisation).
The workshop is funded by NWO 
through contract NWO 613.080.000
and by DFG under contract We 2178 4-2.

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