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                   --  SECOND REMINDER  --

            Machine Learning Journal Special Issue on


                         Call for Papers


Following the 14th International Conference on Inductive Logic
Programming held in Porto, Portugal, the Machine Learning Journal
invites authors to submit papers for the Special Issue on Inductive
Logic Programming. In keeping with the original topic of Inductive
Logic Programming, while reflecting also the broadening scope of the
field, authors are invited to submit papers presenting original
results in all aspects of learning logic programs, learning in
first-order logic and in other logic-based knowledge representation
frameworks.  Papers on logical aspects of multi-relational learning
and data mining are also welcome. Typical, but not exclusive, topics
of interest for submissions include

  * theoretical aspects (logical foundations, computational/statistical
    learning theory, specialisation and generalisation operators, etc.)
    of learning in logic (logic programs, constraint logic programs,
    Datalog, first-order logic, description logics, higher-order logic,

  * algorithmic aspects of learning in logic including the design of
    algorithms along with theoretical and/or empirical analysis,
    probabilistic and statistical approaches, distance and kernel-based
    methods, relational reinforcement learning, etc.,

  * logical foundations of learning and data mining from
    databases, scalability issues, inductive databases, link discovery,

  * learning and data mining from structured (e.g., labelled graphs,
    tree patterns) and semi-structured data (e.g., XML documents),
    multi-instance learning,

  * efficient implementations and practical applications of
    multi-relational learning and data mining in bioinformatics,
    computational chemistry, computational linguistics, relational text
    and web mining, medical informatics, spatial data mining, etc.

Papers emphasising new topics related to learning in logic, as well as
logical foundations of multi-relational learning and data mining are
especially encouraged.

All contributors to ILP 2004 are invited to submit a full paper, but the

special issue is open to everyone.  Each submission will be reviewed 
according to the standards of the Machine Learning Journal.


          Titles and short abstracts due:     March 15th, 2005
                              Papers due:      April 1st, 2005
                     Author notification:      July 15th, 2005
   Final versions of accepted papers due: September 30th, 2005
                             Publication:           Early 2006


Ashwin Srinivasan (IBM India Research Laboratory, New Delhi, India)

Rui Camacho       (University of Porto, Portugal)

Ross King         (University of Wales, Aberystwyth Wales, United


Authors of papers that appeared previously in refereed conferences and 
workshops (e.g. in ILP 2004) are encouraged to submit extended versions 
of their papers. Such extended papers must be significantly different 
from the conference version, as well as accessible to the broad
of the journal, not just to researchers in ILP. More generally, authors 
submitting extended versions of previously published conference/workshop

papers are strongly encouraged to expand on the material that was
in the original paper, e.g., to provide more details, to give greater,
in-depth, discussion of the results and related work, to expand upon the

experimental results, and to give a more thorough and scholarly
of the material (than was possible in a conference paper). 
Submissions must not have appeared in, nor be under consideration by, 
other journals. Authors of papers whose previous versions appeared in 
refereed conferences and workshops are requested to provide the
published version of their papers, as well as to include in their
a brief letter stating the differences between the prior published
and this MLJ Special Issue submission.


Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

1) Submission of the abstract (until March 15th, 2005):
    Please send an e-mail to

           ashwin.srinivasan at in.ibm.com and rcamacho at fe.up.pt

    with the subject "MLJ special issue on ILP", Include in the body of
    e-mail the title of the paper you intend to submit, the authors and

2) Submission of the full paper (until April 1st, 2005):

  Instructions for submission can be found at


In the instructions to authors that you will find in the above URL do
not forget to read the NOTE on special issues of the journal (you
are required to say in the submitting e-mail that the paper is for a
special issue on ILP).  In addition to submitting the paper following
the instructions given in the above URL, please submit it also to

   ashwin.srinivasan at in.ibm.com and rcamacho at fe.up.pt

All enquiries regarding this special issue should be directed to

  Ashwin Srinivasan (ashwin.srinivasan at in.ibm.com) and
  Rui Camacho (rcamacho at fe.up.pt)
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I'm looking forward to welcome you to ICML 2005 , 7-11 August 2005 or to
ILP 2005 10-13, 2005, (or both:-) in Bonn, Germany. Please visit the
ICML website under: http://icml.ais.fraunhofer.de 

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