[FOM] Question on Ordinal Notation

Stephen Fenner fenner at cse.sc.edu
Mon Jun 27 13:08:26 EDT 2005

Dmytro Taranovsky <dmytro at MIT.EDU> wrote:

>Is there a canonical ordinal notation system up to the recursive omega_1
>such that every proper initial segment is polynomial time computable?

Yes.  Steven Homer did work on this a long time ago.  He showed that every 
constructive alpha < omega_1^CK is order-isomorphic to a polynomial-time 
computable binary relation on omega.  I'm not sure if he answered your 
exact question, but it is reasonably clear from his work.  Sorry that I 
don't have an exact reference.

>In fact, there are ordinal notation systems for the recursive omega_1
>with the comparison relation polynomial time computable when restricted
>to any proper initial segment. However, they seem to depend on arcane
>details of the chosen enumeration of recursive functions.

These questions must depend on details of enumeration.  Whether or not 
these details are "arcane" is debatable.

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