[FOM] Peter Smith's draft book on Godel

Peter Smith ps218 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Jan 30 17:28:30 EST 2005

Just a note to say that the first thirteen chapters of my draft book on 
Godel's Theorems (forthcoming in late 2006 from CUP) are available again 
for download from www.godelbook.net.

Please pass on the word to your students (who must be among those who have 
downloaded some 1500+ copies of the rather buggy previous version, as this 
is the main place I've announced the book!): this is an improved version 
with -- I hope -- fewer typos, thinkos, and fibs in it, and with the 
material rather better arranged.

The book isn't wildly exciting or full of novelty (especially in these 
early chapters), but feedback suggests that people find it pretty 
accessible, which is something. All comments of course most gratefully 


Peter S.
Dr Peter Smith: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
www.logicbook.net | www.godelbook.net
(for the "LaTeX for Logicians" page) 

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