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                           A N N O U N C E M E N T

                           Logic in Hungary, 2005

                        Budapest,  August 5 - 11, 2005

   We take great pleasure in announcing that the Janos Bolyai
Mathematical Society is going to organize a conference on mathematical
logic and foundational studies in Budapest, Hungary, during the period
August 5 - 11, 2005. With this conference we would like to celebrate the
unique event that two great Hungarian logicians, L. Kalmar and R. Peter,
both have their centenary of birth in 2005.
  The date of our conference was also chosen so as to immediately follow
the 2005 European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic
in Athens, Greece.

A more detailed discussion of the space-time part of this conference is
found in the second "half" of this announcement.

   The main topics covered  by the conference will be:

 1.  Set Theory,
 2.  Foundations of Space-Time,
 3.  Algebraic Logic,

but contributions from all other branches of symbolic logic are welcome.
The following invited speakers have already indicated their intention to
participate in our conference (we list them by subjects but there is a
considerable overlap in the three subjects -- several invited speakers
come to stress the unity of these subjects):

 1. Set Theory:

    Sy Friedman,     Institute for Logic, University of Vienna,
    M. Foreman,      University of California, Irvine,
    M. Gitik,        Tel Aviv University,
    T. Jech,         Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences,
                     Czech Republic
    P. Koepke,       Reinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universitaat, Bonn
    K. Kunen,        University of Wisconsin         (tentative)
    S. Todorcevic,   University of Toronto,
    B. Velickovic,   University of Paris 7,

 2. Foundations of Space-Time:

    N. Belnap        University of Pittsburgh,
   Gy. David         Eotvos University Budapest
    J. Earman        University of Pittsburgh, 
    H. Friedman,     Ohio State University,     (also Set Theory)
    M. Hogarth,      Cambridge University, UK,
    V. Pambuccian,   Arizona State University West,
    P. Suppes,       Stanford University,
    C. Wutrich,      University of Pittsburgh.

(It is our hope that John Baez, Julian Barbour, Dennis Dieks, Michael
Friedman, J. Richard Gott, Sir Roger Penrose, Lee Smolin, George
Szekeres will also come.)

 3. Algebraic Logic:

    J. van Benthem,   University of Amsterdam, (also Space-Time)
    J. Hintikka,      Boston University,             (tentative)
    R. Hirsch         University College, London, (also Space-Time) 
    I. Hodkinson,     Imperial College, London,
    M. Makkai,        McGill university, Montreal, (also Space-Time)
    D. Monk.          University of Colorado, Boulder.

The organizing committee of the conference consists of the following
people:  A. Hajnal and J. Suranyi (honorary chairs),  H. Andreka, I.
Juhasz, P. Komjath, I. Nemeti (co-chairs),  G. Sagi (secretary),  L.
Csirmaz, M. Ferenczi, M. Redei, I. Sain, L. Soukup,  and L. E. Szabo

Further information about the conference can be found on our homepage:


The e-mail address of the conference is

                                 lh05 at renyi.hu

  Please preregister using the above homepage if you wish to receive
further announcements about the conference. We would be very thankful,
if you could forward this e-mail to your colleagues and students.
  We have applied for financial support for the conference from the
International Mathematical Union and from the European Mathematical
Society. We intend to provide financial support for graduate students
and/or young researchers subject to budgetary approval.

                            ----------- . ------------

More on the Foundations of Space-time and Algebraic Logic part of the

A large portion of the conference will be devoted to foundation of
space-time in the spirit of e.g. the Foundation of Space-Time conference
in Oxford March 2004 organized by Jeremy Butterfield and Oliver Pooley.
Also, foundation in general, e.g. foundation of mathematics, algebraic
approach to foundation (e.g. topos theory, algebraic logic, quantum
logic) and Logic as a unifying perspective for foundational studies will
be highlighted.

In the present note we concentrate on the space-time aspect/section of
the conference.

Some of the people whom we hope will come: Participants of the Oxford
Foundation of Space-time conference 2004, e.g. Julian Barbour, Dennis
Dieks, Sir Roger Penrose, Chris Wuthrich (confirmed); Mark Hogarth
(Cambridge, confirmed), Harvey Friedman (leading figure in foundational
research, confirmed), Patrick Suppes (confirmed), Jaakko Hintikka
(tentatively confirmed), Johan van Benthem (tentatively confirmed), John
Baez, Lee Smolin, more of the American space-time people, people from
Europe like Joachim Schroter's school, and from other parts of the
world. Of course, "space-time people" living in (or nearby) Hungary will
be alerted to the conference.

The above is a rather tentative, incomplete list, its purpose is to give
a general impression of what is being hoped for. (The above list does
not contain the invited speakers from other [than space-time] areas of
foundational research and logic.)

We would like to ask you to (i) let us know if you are interested, (ii)
notify colleagues whom you think might be interested, and (iii)
pre-register at http://www.renyi.hu/lh05  (or at lh05 at renyi.hu) .

Thanking you in advance,

On behalf of the organizing committee

Hajnal Andreka and Istvan Nemeti
Co-chair persons

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