John Corcoran corcoran at buffalo.edu
Tue Jan 11 10:55:24 EST 2005

In Boole's lifetime he was known almost exclusively for his work in
mathematical analysis, a complicated specialty that includes traditional
algebra, differential equations, the calculus of finite differences,
and, of course, differential and integral calculus.  In this field he
wrote several articles and two books, both still in print: in 1859
Treatise on Differential Equations and a year later Treatise on the
Calculus of Finite Differences.  During his lifetime, few knew his logic
at all, and of them few appreciated it.  Today his work in mathematical
analysis is virtually unknown; his fame rests entirely on his logic.
Q1. Is there even one article or book on analysis published since 1950
that uses a result in analysis attributed to Boole?
Q2. What are Boole's most important contributions to analysis?
Q3. Has any accomplished analyst [Riemann, Poincare, Courant, Banach,
etc.] ever written about Boole's contributions to the field?


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