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PHILOG / PHINEWS Bulletin, February 2005

(1) PHINEWS 7, April 2005
        - Norms, Reasoning and Knowledge in Technology, June 3-4, 2005, The
        - TARK X, June 10-12, 2005, Singapore
        - Algebraic and Topological Methods in Non-Classical Logic II, June

(1) PHINEWS 7, April 2005

Table of Contents

Logic and the Law: Crossing the Lines of Discipline by John Woods and Dov M.
Logical Lyrics
        New Publications
        AiML - Advances in Modal Logic
        ASL - Association for Symbolic Logic
        FoLLI - Foundation of Logic, Language and Information
        TARK - Theoretical Aspects of Reasoning about Knowledge
Funny Fragments
Online Lecture Notes
Index of Names

Deadline for submissions is February 23, 2005.

PHINEWS 7, April will be available online at http://www.phinews.ruc.dk primo
March 2005, and will be send in hard-copy to all PHINEWS subscribers and PHILOG

PHINEWS is edited by Vincent F. Hendricks, Stig Andur Pedersen and Dov M. Gabbay
PHINEWS is published by Springer: Http://www.springer-online.com, and
PHILOG: http://www.philog.ruc.dk.

(2) NOW AVAILABLE: Logical Lyrics: From Philosophy to Poetics is available,

see Amazon UK:

and Amazon US:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your pertinent citations
and aphorisms for Logical Lyrics: From Philosophy, Vincent F. Hendricks, King's
College Publications, March 2005, ISBN 1904987044, the independent follow-up to
Feisty Fragments: For Philosophy.

Logical Lyrics contains almost 550 quotations on logic, logicians and logical
matters (from a diverse fan of figures including Napoleon Bonaparte and Helena
Christensen via Alfred Tarski, Stephen C. Kleene, A.N. Whitehead to Talking
Heads and Supertramp) (about 210 individuals total) of which about 80 of these
stem from PHILOG members (22 contributors; there is a credit line below your
suggestions and all of you are listed alphatically (with country affiliation;
The Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, Iran,
Brazil and United Kingdom) at the end of the book under "Contributors". It took
roughly 4 months to collect all of the 550 quotations and track the references,
3 months to obtain the 278 permissions required.

Raymond Smullyan and Melvin Fitting kindly provided the blurbs for the back

I found this collection utterly absorbing from beginning to end. It combines
some very sagacious ideas with some choice bits that are delightfully funny.
Raymond M. Smullyan, New York

"If I were you, I would buy this book." What does that mean? It means, "buy this
book." Why does it mean that? Perhaps this book will help you understand. Or
perhaps not, but it will certainly be entertaining reading in the meantime.
Melvin Fitting, City University of New York

Although Logical Lyrics officially is released in March 2005, it is actually
already available online with various online booksellers like Amazon (US, UK),
Barnes and Noble, etc. The list price is £9 / $15 (196 pages including table of
content, preface, disclaimer, A-Z, Contributors, Index).



Norms, Reasoning and Knowledge in Technology
June 3-4, Boxmeer, the Netherlands
Norms in Knowledge NWO Project
Section of Philosophy and Ethics of Technology
Technical University of Eindhoven

As part of our continuing investigation in the epistemological
features of normative claims and their role in technological setting,
we present a conference on Norms, Reasoning and Knowledge in
Technology.  Invited speakers will discuss the relationship between
various facets of technological knowledge and reasoning and related
norms, with special emphasis on the relationship between practical
reasoning and functional ascriptions.

The conference features a diverse and distinguished panel of speakers
interested in the normative aspects of technological knowledge and the
relationship between practical reasoning and artifactual knowledge.

Space is limited so we ask that you apply for attendance early.  Email
NiK-conf at tm.tue.nl and please state your affiliations and interests in
philosophy of technology.  Please also indicate if you are willing to
be a designated respondent during the conference.

   Confirmed speakers
Brown, Mark A., Syracuse University
Hanson, Sven Ove, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
Horty, John F., University of Maryland
Hughes, Jesse, Technical University of Eindhoven
Koen, Billy V., University of Texas
Pollock, John, University of Arizona
Vaesen, Krist, Technical University of Eindhoven
Vermaas, Pieter, Technical University of Delft
Walton, Douglas, University of Winnipeg

For more information:



Tenth conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge
June 10-12 2005, Singapore
jointly organized by
School of Computing and Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
National University of Singapore
For more information, refer to




                         Barcelona, 15-18 June 2005

This meeting shares the goals of the Tbilisi conference with the same title,
held in July 2003, as well as those of the Patras conference on many-valued
logics and residuated structures, held in June 2004.

In recent years the interest in non-classical logics has been growing.
Motivations from computer science, natural language reasoning and linguistics
have played a significant role in this development. The semantic study of
non-classical logics is a field where no single overarching paradigm has been
established, and where a variety of techniques are currently being explored. An
important goal of this meeting is to promote the cross-fertilization of the
fundamental ideas connected with these approaches. Thus, we aim to bring
together researchers from various fields of non-classical logics and
applications, as well as from lattice theory, universal algebra, category
theory and general topology, in order to foster collaboration and further

The scientific programme of the congress will include a few invited lectures and
will provide ample time for contributed papers and interaction between
participants. Researchers whose interests fit the general aims of the
conference are encouraged to participate. The featured areas include, but are
not limited to, the following (in alphabetical order):
- Algebraic logic
  - Coalgebraic semantics
  - Categorical semantics in general
  - Dynamic logic and dynamic algebras
  - Fuzzy and many-valued logics
  - Lattices with operators
  - Modal logics
  - Ordered topological spaces
  - Ordered algebraic structures
  - Residuated structures
  - Substructural logics
  - Topological semantics of modal logic


Guram Bezhanishvili, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces (USA) Robert
Goldblatt, Victoria University, Wellington (New Zealand) Ian Hodkinson, King's
College London (UK) Peter Jipsen, Chapman University, Orange (USA) Franco
Montagna, Università di Siena (Italy) Hilary Priestley, St. Anne's College,
University of Oxford (UK) James Raftery, University of Natal, Durban (South


Leo Esakia, Georgian Academy of Sciences Mai Gehrke, New Mexico State University
Petr Hájek, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Ramon Jansana, Universitat
de Barcelona Hiroakira Ono, Japan Advanced Institute for Science and Technology
Constantine Tsinakis, Vanderbilt University Yde Venema, Universiteit van
Amsterdam Michael Zacharyaschev, King's College London


Josep Maria Font, Universitat de Barcelona (chair) Àngel Gil, Universitat Pompeu
Fabra (Barcelona) José Gil, Universitat de Barcelona Joan Gispert, Universitat
de Barcelona Carles Noguera, Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència
Antoni Torrens, Universitat de Barcelona Ventura Verdú, Universitat de Barcelona


Ministry of Education and Science (Spanish government) Department of
Universities, Research and Information Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya
(Catalan government) Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona
Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona Catalan Mathematical

With the collaboration of IMUB (Institute of Mathematics, University of
Barcelona) and IIIA (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, CSIC).


Participants who wish to present a talk should submit an abstract through the
Atlas service (http://atlas-conferences.com/) before 31 March 2005. The
abstract should be written in TeX (or in plain, non-formatted text without
formulas) and be at most 2 pages long.
Authors will be notified before 30 April 2005 whether their submission has been
accepted for presentation. Participants needing early acceptance are advised to
submit as soon as possible and inform the organizers of their situation.


We hope to provide some funding to partially cover travel expenses of students
and recent Ph.D.'s without grant support, as well as of active researchers from
countries with developing economies. The number and amount of these grants will
depend on the available funding, and will be paid in cash during the meeting.

Applications should be sent to <mathlog at ub.edu> before 31 March 2005.
To apply send a message with your personal data, a short CV, a description of
your research area and its relation with the topics of the meeting. Students
and recent Ph.D.'s should also ask their supervisor to send a letter of support
to the same address.


The meeting will take place at the Facultat de Matemàtiques of the Universitat
de Barcelona, a 19th century building located in the city centre. The lecture
rooms will be located in the building's ground floor. Participants will have
access to a nearby computer room with Internet access. No Wi-Fi coverage or
free Ethernet plugs are planned.


Registration is necessary to attend the meeting. There is a registration fee of
Euro 30 (approx. $ 38 as of February 1st), to be paid upon arrival.
Registration includes conference materials, coffee breaks and snacks, and a
special price for Saturday's dinner. Abstracts of accepted contributed papers
by registered participants will be included in the congress' booklet.


Further details about registration, hotels, schedule, etc., will be posted at
the congress' web page


Please visit it for more information on the meeting.


All the best


Vincent F. Hendricks, dr. phil., PhD
Associate Professor of Epistemology, Logic and Methodology Member of IIP - The
International Institute of Philosophy
Editor-in-chief: Synthese Library
Editor: Trends in Logic (Studia Logica Library) Director of PHILOG,
Editor-in-chief of PHINEWS Reviews and Associate Editor: Studia Logica
Department of Philosophy and Science Studies Roskilde University P.O. Box 260,
4000 Roskilde Denmark
Cell: (+45) 4016 8063

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