[FOM] [PS] characterization of real numbers (?)

Saeed Salehi saeed at cs.utu.fi
Mon Feb 14 08:50:44 EST 2005

Dear FOMers,
I would like to thank the ones who contributed to the discussion about 
characterizing the real order. The main question proposed earlier by 
Shipman still remains unanswered to me:
Where the proof of Friedman's theorem [that a linearly ordered set is 
isomorphic to the real ordering iff it is unbounded below and above, has 
the least upper bound property and for which there exists a continuous 
middle-value function] has been published/appeared?
Regards,  Saeed 

PS. I hope this will make its way through the list, as the FOM mailing 
list doesn't seem to be that advanced to get the HTML messages which are 
common in web-based email systems.

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