[FOM] natural intermediate r.e. degrees

Stephen G Simpson simpson at math.psu.edu
Wed Feb 9 08:21:07 EST 2005

Long-time FOM subscribers may recall that I have a strong interest in
the topic of natural intermediate r.e. degrees, or the lack thereof.
See for example my old FOM postings of August 13 and August 16, 1999,
available in the FOM archives at




My two recent papers relevant to this topic are "Mass Problems and
Randomness" (BSL 11, 2005, 1-27) and "An Extension of the Recursively
Enumerable Turing Degrees" (15 pages, submitted for publication), both
available on my web page http://www.math.psu.edu/simpson/papers/.

Regrettably, the FOM list as presently constituted is not an
appropriate venue for a thorough discussion of this topic.  Why am I
saying this?  Please e-mail me privately.

-- Steve

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