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Dan Isaacson daniel.isaacson at philosophy.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Feb 1 06:16:48 EST 2005

Applications are invited for a permanent post in philosophy at Oxford
University for which candidates must have a primary research interest in
philosophy of mathematics and/or philosophy of science.  The closing date
for applications is 18th February 2005.  The post consists of a University
CUF Lecturership in Philosophy and a Tutorial Fellowship in Philosophy at
Balliol College.  Further particulars are available from the College
Secretary, Balliol College, Oxford, OX1 3BJ, United Kingdom (Tel +44-(0)1865
277738, e-mail college.secretary at balliol.ox.ac.uk or from the College's
website http://www.balliol.ox.ac.uk/zadvertisements/.  

Those in the Philosophy Faculty at Oxford in permanent posts who have
research interests in philosophy of mathematics include Volker Halbach, Dan
Isaacson, Adrian Moore, and Ian Rumfitt.  Those in fixed term appointments
include Oystein Linnebo and Jan Westerhoff.  Retired members of the
Philosophy Faculty still active in Oxford with interests in philosophy of
mathematics include David Bostock and Michael Dummett.  There is a strong
group in Mathematical Logic led by Alex Wilkie and Boris Zilber based in the
Mathematical Institute.  There are also a number of postholders with
interests in history of mathematics.

Daniel R. Isaacson
Faculty of Philosophy
Oxford University
10 Merton Street
Oxford OX1 4JJ
England, U.K.
tel:  44-1865-276929

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