[FOM] Is there a compendium of examples of the "power" of deductivelogic?

mjmurphy 4mjmu at rogers.com
Sun Dec 11 10:15:33 EST 2005

Richard Haney wrote:

> So I am wondering about the possibility of stunning examples that can
> serve as paradigms for the power of logic in empirical applications.
> In other words I am looking for empirical evidence that demonstrates
> unequivocally that deductive logic is indeed worthy of study.

Perhaps this is not quite what you are looking for, but there is a passage 
from Richard Andree's _The Need for Modern Mathematics_ in which a Professor 
Wiley employs Boolean Algebra to simplify circuit diagrams, eventually 
allowing Westinghouse engineers to remove five electrical switches from a 
particular arrangement.  Five switches x $4.00 per switch times10,000 items 
employing the circuitry outlined in the diagram = "a rather healthy 
savings."  The quotation concludes with:  "If a man makes a discovery like 
this and doesn't make any other discovery during the next ten years, he has 
still earned his salary and more.  Industry has awakened to the advantages 
of mathematical research."



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