[FOM] Need statement of Conway/Gauntt result on finite choice axioms

Thomas Forster T.Forster at dpmms.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 8 03:49:37 EST 2005

You could try asking Conway, of course, but i may be able to help. I
*think* the results appeared in the Springer LNM volume of a conference in
Cambridge about that time.  There is also something about this in Levy's
survey article in Skolem memorial Noth Holland volume 1963 or thereabouts.
But perhaps all he said was that the problem was open.  I know nothing of
the work of Gauntt in this area, and i would like to hear more


On Wed, 7 
Dec 2005 joeshipman at aol.com wrote:

> Forster recently referred to work done by Conway about 35 years ago, 
> analyzing the logical relations between finite choice axioms of the 
> form "Every collection of n-element sets has a choice function". There 
> were two kinds of implication involved, "effective" and "ineffective". 
> This work was completed by Gauntt. 
> I can't find any statement of the results online. Can someone with 
> access to a good library please post a precise statement of Conway's 
> and Gauntt's findings? 
> -- Joseph Shipman 
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