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PHINEWS / PHILOG Bulletin, April 2005

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1. PHINEWS, April 2005
2. Prof. Dov Gabbay's 60 Birthday
3. Job: 4 year post-doc position in Logic, Gothenburg, Sweden


1. PHINEWS, April 2005
PHINEWS, April 2005 is now available online at http://www.phinews.ruc.dk and
is currently being mailed in hardcopy to PHINEWS subscribers.

PHINEWS is published by Springer (http://www.springeronline.com) and PHILOG

2. Dov Gabbay's 60th Birthday

As you may know Prof. Dov Gabbay celebrates his 60th Birthday on 26th
October 2005.  To honour this event, Jane Spurr and Vincent Hendricks are
setting up a web-page of world-wide greetings, to be revealed on his
birthday.  This will be similar to the one presented to Prof Stig Andur
Pedersen on his 60th Birthday, please see:
Although no firm decision about publication has yet been made, we are also
planning to produce a printed volume of the greetings for Dov.  The text
will certainly be available as html and pdf.

If you would like to write a greeting to Dov for his birthday, please
respond to this mail and include the following information:
> 1	Name
> 2	Country
> 3	Greetings text 

The webpage is scheduled to go online in the evening of October 25th. Please
send your greeting by responding to this mail, and send it no later than
October 1, 2005.

Chances are that Dov at some point will get wind of this initiative, but
please do distribute this call for greetings, just don't send it to Dov. 

We look forward to hearing from you.
Vincent F. Hendricks and Jane Spurr

3. Job: 4 year post-doc position in Logic, Gothenburg, Sweden 
This message is to let you know that we are announcing a 4 year post-doc
position in Logic at the Philosophy Department here in Goteborg. Actually
the position is called 'forskarassistent' (research assistant), but it
consists of 75% research and 25% other things (like some teaching,
supervising, etc.) It lasts 4 years and cannot be prolonged.

The requirement is a PhD in logic, or a related subject, which is not older
than 5 years.

The deadline for application is April 27, 2005.

To apply, one needs to send in the application plus 2 copies of everything
one wishes to submit -- cv, certificates, letters, publications (at most
10), ... -- to the following address:

   Humanistiska fakultetskansliet
   Goteborgs universitet
   Box 200
   405 30 Goteborg

Formally, the application should be made to the Rector of the University,
and one needs to mention the following reference number:  E 333 963/05

If there are questions, people can ask me via email.
Dag Westerstahl [Dag.Westerstahl at phil.gu.se]

Vincent F. Hendricks, dr. phil., PhD
Associate Professor of Epistemology, Logic and Methodology Member of IIP -
The International Institute of Philosophy
Editor-in-chief: Synthese Library
Editor: Trends in Logic (Studia Logica Library)
Director of PHILOG, Editor-in-chief of PHINEWS Reviews and Associate Editor:
Studia Logica 
Department of Philosophy and Science Studies Roskilde University P.O. Box
260, 4000 Roskilde Denmark
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