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Dear Jeff

You wrote:

> What bothers me is Gödel's claim:
>       Higher-Order Decidability Claim:
>       "The undecidable propositions here presented become always
>       become decidable by the adjunction of suitable higher types."
> But how could Gödel have known about this sort of phenomenon even in
> 1931? He doesn't give the slightest indication how the proof goes. 

Maybe he just thought that in a strong enough set theory or type theory, 
one can prove the existence of a model for the original theory. (remember 
that he had already proved completeness theorem, in terms of intuitive 
notion of truth.) - so I remain sceptical...

BTW, Feferman dicusses this and related passages in his 
"Gödel's program for new axioms: Why, where, how and what?,"
see his homepages. 

> Polish book). In the Postscript, Tarski wrote,
>          The definition of truth allows the consistency of a deductive
>          science to be proved on the basis of a metatheory which is
>          of higher order than the theory itself. 

Which is, as I always like to remind, false. ACA_0 can give an adequate 
truth definition for PA, but can't prove Cons(PA)...  



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