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Wed Oct 27 18:38:15 EDT 2004

Professor Sol Feferman has asked me to forward you this position announcement.

Best wishes,
Joy Rewick

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, STANFORD, CA. Dept. of Philosophy. Assistant
professor, tenure track, beginning September 2005. Ph.D. required
by start of appointment. AOS: Logic. AOC: Open. Teaching load:
4 quarter courses/year (three quarter system). Includes advanced
undergraduate classes and the opportunity to teach one graduate
course or seminar each year. A successful candidate should have serious
interest and competence in philosophical issues and the ability to
interact effectively with a large and diverse philosophy
department. The department has teaching needs at
the upper division undergraduate and graduate level in logic; in
particular it needs someone who will do an outstanding job at
teaching the course in first order logic to a diverse audience
(including students from philosophy, mathematics, linguistics,
cognitive science, and computer science). Candidates should
submit a CV, cover letter describing teaching experience as well
as research interests and accomplishments, at least three
confidential letters of recommendation, and evidence of excellent
teaching ability. Send materials to Professor Debra Satz, Chair,
Dept. of Philosophy, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
94305-2155. Stanford is an affirmative action/equal opportunity
employer. Application deadline: December 1, 2004.

See <http://www-philosophy.stanford.edu> for more information about
the Stanford Dept. of Philosophy and <http://www-logic.stanford.edu>
for extensive information about logic at Stanford.
Joy Rewick
Philosophy/Religious Studies
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