[FOM] Clifford Firestone

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Thu Oct 14 17:52:00 EDT 2004

In ceonnection with the recent inquiry by Thomas Forster about Clifford Firestone, I can offer just the following information.
When I was a graduate student at Cornell,I wrote a Master's Thesis in 1953-54 under the supervision of Barkley Rosser.  It explained and extended an idea used in Firestone's Cornell thesis amd was published as Some Proofs of Independence in Axiomatic Set Theory in JSL, 21, 1956, 291-303.  It includes a very precise exposition about how a truth definition yields independence results.  Firestone was no longer at Cornell when I arrived there in 1952, I never met him and know nothing else about him. 
Best wishes to all,
Elliott Mendelson

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