[FOM] workshop on classification of countable structures

Peter Cholak Peter.Cholak.1 at nd.edu
Mon Nov 1 14:19:38 EST 2004

Dear Colleague:

There will be a workshop on classification of countable structures, 
work growing out of Vaught's Conjecture, to be held at the University 
of Notre Dame, May 17--24, 2005 (May 17 is arrival day, while May 24 
will include talks).

Vaught's Conjecture has led to a great deal of interesting work on
classification, from different points of view.  There is a large body 
of deep
work in model theory, giving conditions under which a class of 
structures does
or does not admit a nice structure theory.  In descriptive set theory 
there is a large body of work, measuring the complexity of the 
relation between members of a given class, and comparing classes by 
of Borel embeddings.  In computability theory, there is considerable
interest in classification, especially for computable structures.

The workshop is intended to bring together researchers from model 
descriptive set theory, and computability.  There will be tutorial-style
lectures, to help members of each group understand what members of the 
groups have done and hope to do.  There will be time for informal 
The workshop should be useful to graduate students, as well as senior

The following people have said that they plan to participate.

Su Gao, University of North Texas

Greg Hjorth, UCLA

Alexander Kechris, Caltech

Chris Laskowski, University of Maryland

David Marker, University of Illinois-Chicago

\'{L}udomir Newelski, Wroc\'{l}aw, POLAND

Richard Shore, Cornell University

Reed Solomon, University of Connecticut

Joanna Franklin, UC Berkeley

Alice Chan, MIT

Christina Goddard, MIT

If you would like to attend, please let us know.  Also, please share 
this announcement
with other people, in particular, with graduate students who may be 

Yours truly,

Steve Buechler, Peter Cholak, Julia Knight, Gerald Sacks, Sergei 


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