[FOM] Reaction to Hesseling's "Gnomes in the Fog"?

Robert Knighten Robert at knighten.org
Wed May 26 21:14:45 EDT 2004

I've seen the following announcement which I find interesting, but have not
been able to learn anything more about the book.  Does anyone on the FOM
mailing list know the book and have a reaction?

Gnomes in the Fog
The Reception of Brouwer's Intuitionism in the 1920s

Dennis Hesseling

The significance of foundational debate in mathematics that took place in the
1920s seems to have been recognized only in circles of mathematicians and
philosophers. A period in the history of mathematics when mathematics and
philosophy, usually so far away from each other, seemed to meet. The
foundational debate is presented with all its brilliant contributions and its
shortcomings, its new ideas and its misunderstandings.

447 pp., Hardcover ISBN 3-7643-6536-6
published 01/12/2004
Price: $139.00
Published by: Birkhauser

Thank you,

Robert L. Knighten
Robert at Knighten.org

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