[FOM] Indispensability of the natural numbers

Steven Ericsson-Zenith steven at memeiosys.com
Wed May 19 12:29:17 EDT 2004

Vladimir Sazonov said:
> I have no *exact* understanding of what illusion is.
> According to Webster's English Dictionary in the Internet:
> illusion is "perception of something objectively existing in such
> a way as to cause  misinterpretation of its actual nature".

Appeal to common usage does not help us here.

It seems to me, on further review, that you are missing an important
aspect of this question.

An understanding of the nature of apprehension and the "process" of 
prediction in inference - abduction, induction and deduction - in which 
illusion is simply a part - demands that we provide comprehensive 
metatheory. And in this manner we can, in fact, provide an exact
definition of what illusion is.

With respect,

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