[FOM] Positions in logic in Swansea (UK)

anton setzer a.g.setzer at swansea.ac.uk
Sat May 15 17:23:20 EDT 2004

Dear FOM,

Swansea is hiring lots  of academics, and some of these positions will 
go to logic and theoretical
computer science. We hope for strong applications from logicians on all 

Anton Setzer

Professorships, Readerships, Lectureships, Tutorships.
The department of computer science at Swansea (Wales, UK) is
currently advertising academic positions at all levels.
We hope expecially to expand our groups in visual
computing and in logic/theoretical computer

Our department was rated 5 in the last research assessment exericse.
It has a strong group in logic and
theoretical computer science which is amongst the biggest in
UK. The members of that group are Ulrich Berger (proof theory,
computability theory, type theory),  Phil Grant (artificial
intelligence), Andy Gimblett (algebraic specification),
Neal Harman (hardware verification, models of computation,
algebraic specification), Oliver Kullmann (satisfiability problems),
Markus Michelbrink (proof theory, type theory),
Faron Moller (automata theory, modal and temporal logic),
Markus Roggenbach (algebraic specification), Monika Seisenberger
(proof theory, type theory, computability theory),
Anton Setzer (proof theory, type theory) and
John Tucker (algebraic specification, algebraic methods,
computability theory). We have as well strong links to the
mathematics department, with Roger Hindley (lambda-calculus) and
Jiang-Lun Wu (nonstandard analysis).

The deadline for application is 25 June 2004.
The official advertisements can be found at 
http://www.jobs.ac.uk/jobfiles/IS433.html and

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