[FOM] Congress MARIAN2004 on nonstandard models, Pisa, June 25-26, 2004

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Mon May 3 12:43:26 EDT 2004

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                  *** INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS M.ARI.AN.2004 ***
                 "Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic and Analysis"
                         June 25-26, 2004, Pisa, Italy.

This conference aims to bring together researchers working on
nonstandard models of arithmetics and researchers working in
nonstandard analysis.

Invited speakers include:
V. Benci (Univ. Pisa)
A. Berarducci (Univ. Pisa)
P. D'Aquino (Univ. Napoli II)
A. Enayat (American University, Washington DC)
K. Hrbacek (City College-CUNY, New York)
V. Kanovei (MCCME, Moskow)
R. Kossak (BCC/Graduate Center-CUNY, New York)
A. MacIntyre (Univ. Edinburgh, UK)
J.P. Ressayre (Univ. Paris VII)
D. Ross (Univ. Hawaii)
J. Schmerl (Univ. Connecticut)
C. Toffalori (Univ. Camerino)

The deadline for submission of abstracts is May 24, 2004.
There is no registration fee. For further information visit:
Contacts: marian2004 at dm.unipi.it

(Apologizes for the late announcement)

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