[FOM] Object-Oriented Formal Mathematical Languages

Victor Makarov viktormakarov at hotmail.com
Sat May 1 12:18:41 EDT 2004

On  Fri, 30 Apr 2004 12:24 Dennis Hamilton wrote:

I find the characterization of OOP as commonly understood in computer
science to be seriously incomplete, if it allows one to assert that

	the theoretical foundation of Object-Oriented
	Programming can be rather Foundations of Mathematics

Let me cite the famous computer scientist Tony Hoare(from his paper "The 
Matematics of Programming):

"Programming is a mathematical activity. Like other branches of applied 
mathematics and engineering,its successful practice requires determined and 
meticulous application of traditional methods of mathematical understanding, 
calculation and proofs".

But what is mathematcal activity? It is creating new theories and writing 
definitions and proofs in these theories.

The object-oriented programmer is doing exactly the same writing new classes 
and methods in these classes (and a good one can also write proofs).


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