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by way of Martin Davis <martin@eipye.com> geoff at cs.miami.edu
Tue Mar 23 14:52:25 EST 2004

Dear ATP Practitioner,

The  IJCAR 2004  Workshop on  Empirically Successful First Order Reasoning
(ESFOR (aka S4))  will bring together practioners and  researchers who are
concerned  with the  implementation and  deployment of  working  automated
reasoning systems for first order logic. The workshop will discuss "really
running"  systems,  and not  theoretical  ideas  that have  not  yet  been
translated into working systems. Full details are available online at:

Submission of  papers for presentation  at the workshop, and proposals for
system and  application demonstrations  at the workshop,  are now invited.
Submissions  will  be  refereed,  and a balanced  program of  high-quality
contributions will be selected. Submission information is online at:

Additionally,  the International Journal of  Artificial Intelligence Tools
has  approved a  special edition  with extended  versions of  the workshop
papers, scheduled to appear in June 2005.  If your ESFOR paper is accepted
you will be invited to submit an extended paper for the journal.


Geoff, Stephan, Tanel

Geoff Sutcliffe                           http://www.cs.miami.edu/~geoff
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