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PHINEWS Bulletin / March 2004 

PHINEWS 5 / April 2004 - The Free Newsletter for Philosophical Logic and Its 

edited by 

Vincent F. Hendricks, Stig Andur Pedersen and Dov M. Gabbay, 

published by 

PHILOG - The Danish Network for Philosophical Logic and Its Applications 
(http://www.philog.ruc.dk), and 

Kluwer Academic Publishers (http://www.wkap.nl) 

is now available: 

* PHINEWS, vol. 5 / April 2004 is available online. Please refer to 
<http://www.phinews.ruc.dk/> http://www.phinews.ruc.dk or go directly to 
http://www.phinews.ruc.dk/volumes1.html for download ~3MB 

* PHINEWS, vol. 5. / April 2004 in hardcopy is currently in production and 
will be sent to members of PHILOG and subscribers to PHINEWS by the end of 
March 2004 

* PHINEWS, vol. 5 / April 2004 / Table of Contents 

Editorial -3- 

Natural Deduction and Logically Pure Derivations / David Makinson (King's 
College) -5- 

Funny Fragments -22- 

Between the Finitary and the Ideal / Klaus Frovin Jørgensen (Roskilde 
University) -24- 

Announcements -44- 

Conferences -44- 

New Publications 2004 -55- 

AiML - Advances in Modal Logic -66- 

ASL - Association for Symbolic Logic -71- 

FoLLI - Foundation of Logic, Language and Information -73- 

ESSLLI 04 - European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information / 
Carlos Areces and Patrick Blackburn -74- 

Conference Booklet: Social Software -82- 


Index of Names -100- 


PHILOG Bulletin / March 2004 

        * The conference on Social Software, The Carlsberg Academy, May 
27-29, Copenhagen, Denmark, featuring K. Binmore, Wiebe van der Hoek, Magnus 
Jiborn, Rohit Parikh, Wlodek Rabinowicz, Robert van Rooij, Hans Rott and 
Brian Skyrms is drawing closer. For updated information and registration for 
participation refer to  <http://www.philog.ruc.dk/phiconf4.html> 



yours truly 

Vincent F. Hendricks 
[Founder and editor-in-chief / PHINEWS and PHILOG] 

Vincent F. Hendricks, PHD 
Associate Professor of Epistemology, Logic and Methodology 
Editor-in-chief: Synthese Library 
Editor: Trends in Logic (Studia Logica Library) 
Director of PHILOG, Editor-in-chief of PHINEWS Reviews and Associate Editor: 
Studia Logica 
Department of Philosophy and Science Studies Roskilde University P.O. Box 
260, 4000 Roskilde Denmark 
Phone: (+45) 4674 2343 
Fax: (+45) 4674 3012 
Cell: (+45) 4016 8063 

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