[FOM] Weak "hyper" computers

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Fri Mar 12 23:17:42 EST 2004




I wrote the above three postings to FOM concerning the possibility of a kind
of weak "hyper" computer, allowing us to get around Godel's 2nd
incompleteness theorem and other frightening brick walls, while perhaps
making less preposterous implicit assumptions about accuracy of
measurements, and validity of physical theories.

The third url from the FOM Archives above concerns the issue of how we can
perhaps be virtually certain that we indeed have a weak "hyper" computer in
our possession, and the fascinating issues concerning how we can hope to use
such a weak "hyper" computer if and when it comes into our possession.

I didn't make these postings on the FOM just because I am looking for
something to do with my idle time (I don't have any right now). So I was
expecting to hear from some of the people who are continuing this general
area of discussion just how they see my postings might affect - or not
affect - the discussion.

Harvey Friedman

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