[FOM] irreducible continua: some references

Robert Tragesser robert at thesavvydog.com
Thu Mar 4 07:49:59 EST 2004

Everett asked [ FOM Digest, Vol 15, Issue 3 ]
"I was wondering if anyone on the list has seen mathematical or 
work on the continuum being a fundamental unity?"

Such work by, e.g., Aristotle, Leibniz, Peirce,Whiehead, Menger,  
Brouwer, Weyl,

Two recent, brief, lucid texts, with ample references, containing 
historical & philosophical discussion of such continua (irreducible to 
the discrete), as well as nontrivial mathematical elaboration on 
different foundations:

[1] J.L.Bell, A PRIMER OF INFINITESIMAL ANALYSIS; Cambridge University 
Press 1998
[2] Mark van Atten, ON BROUWER; Wadsworth 2004.

Robert Tragesser
Nyack-on-Hudson, NY

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