[FOM] Dyson & Inexhaustibility, and Feferman

charles silver silver_1 at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 30 21:09:17 EDT 2004

    Awhile back I called attention to
what seemed to me to be an incorrect
formulation of Godel's Theorem
by Freeman Dyson in the "New York
Review of Books."   The application 
he claimed for physical theory seemed 
wrong as well.  I was hoping by 
quoting some of Dyson's passages to
stimulate some reaction, which if I 
remember correctly, pretty much 

    In a letter to the NY Rev. of Bks,
July 15, p. 61, Solomon Feferman 
discusses Dyson's statements.   I 
hope Feferman's comments may 
now provoke discussion.  (I refrain 
from quoting this time around.)

Charlie Silver

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