[FOM] Elementaricity of elementaricity

I. Natochdag natochdag at elsitio.net.uy
Wed Jul 28 14:37:44 EDT 2004

How can the methods of mathematical logic view problems of number 
theoretic proof-elementaricity? Conservative extensions of PA are usable 
for complex-variable analysis: how can they axiomatic-methodologically 
use Logarithms and e? (I ask this out of idiotic ignorance of any such 
works). Is it relative consistent an axiomatic PA definition of e 
through simple operations-relations and factorials? Would be relevant an 
axiomatic demonstration of the prime number theorem or a mere detail? 
Could conservative extensions of PA suffice for it? If not, why? Can non-
standard models and non-standard analysis elementarily deduce a prime 
number theorem or an infinite prime-twins proof?

Discussion of these problems may prove interesting since an infinite 
prime-twins proof has recently been claimed,

                                    I. Natochdag

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