[FOM] 204:Finite Extrapolation

Vladimir Sazonov V.Sazonov at csc.liv.ac.uk
Tue Jan 20 14:05:34 EST 2004

I remember some old, seemingly related works of Janis Barzdins 


and can find in this Web page some titles of papers like 

Barzdins J., Barzdins G., Apsitis K. and Sarkans U. Towards efficient
inductive synthesis of expressions from Input/Output examples. - 
Lc. Notes in Comp.Sc., v. 744, Springer Verlag, 1993, pp.59-72

and of his PhD student

 Alvis Brazma 
 Inductive synthesis of dots expressions 
May be Karlis Podnieks could help/comment more? 

Vladimir Sazonov

Harvey Friedman wrote:
> Suppose we are told that a certain infinite set of positive integers begins
> with
> 1,2,3.
> We are asked to make our best guess as to what it is. We naturally guess the
> set of all positive integers. This appears to be the simplest extrapolation.
> Suppose we are given the initial segment
> 2,4,6.
> We guess the set of all even positive integers.


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