[FOM] 201:Algebraic Treatment of First Order Notions

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Sun Jan 11 22:57:49 EST 2004

We give algebraic definitions of the key semantic concepts in predicate
calculus - 

1. strictly definable relations and functions in a relational structure.
2. definable relations and functions in a relational structure.
3. elementary extensions.
4. elementary embeddings.
5. elementary equivalence.

Strict definability is the same as definability but without parameters.

Defining 2 from 1 and 4 from 3 are well known. Our way of defining 3 from 1
is simple, and implicit in the literature.

We could define 3,4 from 5, but any definition of 5 from 1 seems more
complicated than the definitions that appear here.

5 has been treated many years ago by Keisler and Shelah in terms of
ultrapowers. In contrast, this approach is no more set theoretic than
ordinary algebra, and works if we restrict only to countable structures.

It will suffice to consider only finite relational types. All structures
will have finite (relational) type.

We say that a relational structure M is finitely embeddable into a
relational structure M' if and only if every finite "restriction" of M is
isomorphic to a finite "restriction of M'.

Here the "restriction" of M to a set E may not be a structure, since the
functions in M may map some tuple from E to a value outside E. So for this
purpose, we identify the function components of these "restrictions" with
their graphs. Also, "restrictions" of M are required to contain all
constants of M.  

Let alpha and beta be finite relational types. We say that M is alpha,beta
implicit if and only if

i) M is of type (alpha,beta,gamma), for some gamma;
ii) for any M',M'' finitely embeddable into M, if M',M'' have the same alpha
part (in particular, the same domain), then M',M'' have the same beta part.

THEOREM 1. Let M be a relational structure of finite type alpha and R be a
multivariate relation on dom(M). Then R is strictly M definable if and only
if there is an expansion M* = (M,R,...) which is alpha,"R" implicit. The
corresponding statement holds for constants and functions.

THEOREM 2. Let M,M' be relational structures of the same finite type. Then M
is an elementary substructure of M' if and only if every strictly M
definable multivariate surjection from dom(M') onto dom(M') maps dom(M) onto

THEROEM 3. M,M' are elementary equivalent if and only if they are
respectively isomorphic to two elementary substructures of a common

Theorems 2 and 3 are well known, and Theorem 1 is not hard to get through
adaptation of the literature (Beth definability). The novelty here - if any
- is the use of such information to give algebraic characterizations of
first order notions.


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