[FOM] Logic and Fibonacci

Richard Zach rzach at ucalgary.ca
Thu Jan 8 19:49:38 EST 2004

Matijasevic used the Fibonacci sequence to show that the  exponentiation
relation is Diophantine, thus filling the last gap in the solution to
Hilbert's Tenth Problem.  Martin, I'm sure, will provide details if


On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 16:36, John T. Baldwin wrote:
> In, Algebra in Ancient and Modern Times,  V.S. Varadarajan writes on
> page 50:
> They (Fibonocci numbers) remained as curiousities till in the 1960's
> they were found to be crucial in certain
> studies in mathematical logic.
> Does any know what he is referring to?
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