[FOM] Bourbaki qua philosopher

Robert Black Mongre at gmx.de
Sun Jan 4 04:30:48 EST 2004

In December 1948 Bourbaki gave a talk to the ASL meeting at Columbus 
Ohio which was then printed in JSL March 1949 as (the surprisingly 
uninteresting) 'Foundations of Mathematics for the Working 
Mathematician'. Does anyone happen to know how, physically, a 
pseudonym gave a talk?

The point of my question is another question: to what extent can one 
identify the philosophical obiter dicta which one finds in Bourbaki 
with the personal views of Jean Dieudonné? To put it crudely: is 
Bourbaki-philosophe just Dieudonné? (part-for-whole: I think 
rhetoricians call this synecdoche)

PS I am at present in Berlin, which is why this message is coming 
from a gmx address. But you can reply to my usual 
<Robert.Black at nottingham.ac.uk>.

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