[FOM] Planned Essay

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Sat Jan 3 22:27:55 EST 2004

I am planning to write an essay along the following lines. Any comments
would be greatly appreciated.

Harvey M. Friedman
January, 2004

Abstract. We discuss a form of intellectual activity called "foundational
thinking" (abbreviated here as FT), which has been productively applied by
various people to varying degrees during the last several thousand years.
However, few people have had a clear enough conception of FT to productively
apply it on a systematic basis. This author has been productively applying
FT on a systematic basis *within the limited context of the foundations of
mathematics*. We present a vision for the systematic application of FT in
contexts far beyond the foundations of mathematics.

1. Personal Experiences.
2. FT Success.
3. FT Education.
4. FT Doubts.
5. FT Vision.    

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