[FOM] Re: Combining classical and intuitionistic features in one logic

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Sun Feb 15 18:32:34 EST 2004

I would like to thank Joao Marcos, Carlos Caleiro, Vladik Kreinovich, and Aarati
Parmar for their comments and for introducing me to the exciting world of fibring

I am still learning about fibring logics and the following question is perhaps quite
naive. I curious if it is possible to combine intuitionistic and classical features
in this framework without any paired intuitionistic/classical connectives. The reason
for this question is: I tried to write down simple formulas following the paper

Fariñas del Cerro, L., Herzig A. Combining classical and
intuitionistic logic, or: intuitionistic implication as a conditional. In: Frontiers
in Combining Systems (F. Baader and K. U. Schulz, eds.), 93-102. Kluwer Academic
Publishers, 1996.

and got confused about where I am supposed to use the intuitionistic implication and where
the clasical one. 
Thanks again,
Alex Sakharov

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