[FOM] Kolmogorov Lecture announcement

Vladik Kreinovich vladik at cs.utep.edu
Thu Feb 5 10:19:33 EST 2004

Dear Friends, 

This may be of interest at least to British-based folks. One of the three 
co-discoverers of the notion of NP-hardness and one of the world leading 
researchers in Kolmogorov complexity, Leonid has always had great interest in 
methodology and foundations -- and his lectures are always fun (at least for 
people who understand the problem). 

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From: "Simon Beresford" <s.beresford at cs.rhul.ac.uk>


I'd just like to make people aware of the
upcoming Second Annual Kolmogorov Lecture at Royal Holloway University
(Part of the University of London). It will be taking place on the 24th
February at 5.30 p.m and will be followed by a reception afterwards.
This year's lecture will be given by Professor Leonid Levin (Boston
University) and is entitled "Randomness and Non-determinism". More
information can be found here:


Please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have regarding
the event. All are welcome to attend.

Kind Regards,

Simon Beresford
Computer Learning Research Centre
Computer Science Department
Royal Holloway, University of London.

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