[FOM] Potgieter on hypercomputation

Apostolos Syropoulos apostolo at ocean1.ee.duth.gr
Wed Dec 15 14:31:04 EST 2004

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Vladimir Sazonov wrote:

> Even if anything was changed in physics since that time when I read
> in a Feynman book that (a number even much less than) 2^1000 is bigger
> than the number of electrons in the whole Universe,

And how can we be sure what is the extend of the whole universe?
And what's outside the whole universe? These are not just metaphysical

> I think that the number of electrons in our galaxy is still considered
> as smaller than this number. Anyway, this is more than enough to consider
> that this is infinity for practical (say, contemporary digital)
> computations, and this is the only physical "fact" of such kind
> that I need to rely on when I say that 2^1000 is infinity.

Well, if your run on your machine the following simple Perl script:

use bigint;
print 2**1000;

you will get almost immediately the following output on your screen:


So, is this infinity?

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