[FOM] 238:Pi01 Independence/Large Large Cardinals/Correction

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Tue Dec 7 22:31:23 EST 2004

This corrects my first version of Pi01 independence from n-huge cardinals in
posting #236. The strength has now shot up to lots of nontrivial elementary
embeddings of ranks into themselves.

These developments in no way, shape, or form obsolete BRT.


Let N be the set of all nonnegative integers. For p in N, let [p] =
{0,...,p}. For any set V, let V^k be the set of all k-tuples from V, and
V^<k be the set of all tuples from V of nonzero length < k.

Let T:[p]^k into N, and E containedin N^k. We define the upper image of T
on E by

T<[E] = {T(x): x in E and T(x) > max(x)}.

We write PL([p]^k,E) for the set of all piecewise linear transformations
T:[p]^k into N over E. These are the T:[p]^k into N defined by finitely many
cases, where each case is given by a finite set of linear inequalities, and
T is given by an affine expression with coefficients in each case, and where
all coefficients used in the inequalities and affine expressions lie in E.

We use cross section notation T_x, where x is a vector of any nonzero finite
length. Note that dom(T_x) depends on the length of x. If x is too long,
then obviously dom(T_x) = emptyset.

We take min(emptyset) = 0. For x in N^s, we define x! = (x_1!,...,x_s!).

Let R1,...,Rt,S1,...,St be multivariate relations on N, where the arity of
each Ri,Si are the same. We say that

f nontrivially embeds (N,R1,...,Rt) into (N,S1,...,St)

if and only if 

i) f is a partial function from V into V that is not an identity function;
ii) for all x1,...,xn in dom(f), Ri(x1,...,xn) iff Si(f(x1),...,f(xn)),
where the arity of Ri is n.

PROPOSITION 1. For all T in PL([p]^3k,[k]) there exists A containedin [p]^3
such that every A_i!, i! in [(8k)!!,p], is a nontrivial embedding of
([i!],T,A_00,T<[A^k]) into ([i!],T,A_00,A_00') whose domain includes all
min(T_x![A^<k]) <= i!.

Proposition 1 is obviously explicitly Pi01.

THEOREM 2. Proposition 1 is provably equivalent, over EFA, to the
consistency of ZFC + {there exists an n-Mahlo cardinal lambda such that
there are lambda many kappa < lambda with a nontrivial elementary embedding
from V(kappa) into V(kappa)}_n.


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Harvey Friedman

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