[FOM] Conference Announcement: FotFS V (Bonn, November 2004)

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Fri Aug 20 08:06:30 EDT 2004

Infinite Games


Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Mathematisches Institut

November 26th to 29th, 2004

Infinite Games have been investigated by mathematicians since the
beginning of the twentieth century and have played a central role in
mathematical logic. However, their applications go far beyond mathematics:
they feature prominently in theoretical computer science, philosophical
Gedankenexperiments, as limit cases in economical applications, and in
many other applications. The conference FotFS V wants to bring together
researchers from the various areas that employ infinitary game techniques
to talk about similarities and dissimilarities of the different approaches
and develop cross-cultural bridges.

We invite all researchers from areas applying infinitary game-theoretic
methods (economists, mathematicians, logicians, philosophers, computer
scientists, sociologists) to submit their papers before September 15th,
2004. Topics will include Games in Algebra and Logic, Games in Higher Set
Theory, Games in Set-Theoretic Topology, Infinite Games & Computer
Science, Infinite Games in Philosophy, Infinite Evolutionary Games,
Machine Games, Game Logics, Infinite Games in the Social Sciences,
Games with infinitely many players, Infinity in economical game theory.

Invited Speakers:

    * Samson Abramsky, Oxford UK
    * Alessandro Andretta, Torino
    * Natasha Dobrinen, State College PA
    * Ian Hodkinson, London UK
    * Kevin Kelly, Pittsburgh PA
    * Hamid Sabourian, Cambridge UK
    * Marion Scheepers, Boise ID
    * Robert Simon, Göttingen
    * Brian Skyrms, Irvine CA

Organizing & Scientific Committee: Stefan Bold (Bonn), Boudewijn de Bruin
(Amsterdam), Peter Koepke (Bonn), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam / Bonn,
Coordinator), Thoralf Räsch (Potsdam), Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam /

Coordinating e-mail Address: fotfs at math.uni-bonn.de

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