John Corcoran corcoran at buffalo.edu
Sun Aug 1 16:48:49 EDT 2004

1 What is known about Boole's immediate or mediated influence on Frege?
How can people be so sure that Boole's idea of laws of thought was not
one of the contributing influences on what Frege calls laws of thought
in the opening two pages of 1879?
2 The so-called algebraic tradition (which becomes even more
scholasticized with Schroeder) lived on albeit on death's door, in
WHITEHEAD, LOWENHEIM and even SKOLEM. Did any Boolean influence reach
Frege through the algebraic tradition? 3. Could the idea of truth-values
have been inspired by Boole's zero and one in his hypothetical logic?
Could it have come to Frege through Peirce or Schroeder? 


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