[FOM] Object-Oriented Formal Mathematical Languages

Brian Postow bpostow at union.edu
Fri Apr 30 10:11:27 EDT 2004

Dennis E. Hamilton spake:

> An important difference between OOP objects and mathematical (systems of)
> objects is that OOP objects have states and history behaviors and so do the
> OOP objects that are supplied to their methods for usage.

I think that this is probably a very important statement. Most
programming paradigms have state, and directionality of time. Most of
the foundational mathematics that I know is bi-directional. It
involves relationships between structures, but if these relationships
hold, then they always hold and always will. The PL concept of "side
effect" is not present in most mathematical systems. This is why the
lambda calculus and functional programming are most closely tied to
FOM ideas.


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