[FOM] Goedel 1931 translations

Charles Parsons parsons2 at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 22 10:34:27 EDT 2003

At 5:21 PM -0700 10/21/03, H. Enderton wrote:
>Richard Zach writes:
>>Does anyone know of any translatins of Goedel's 1931 paper into
>>languages other than English?  I found one in Italian (below),
>>are there any >others?
>There is a Spanish translation; see JSL XLVIII 1199.
>But surely there are others.
>--Herb Enderton

There's also a French translation. It is bundled with a translation 
of Nagel and Newman's _Goedel's Proof_ and published in 1989 with an 
essay by J. Y. Girard. The bundling is ironic in view of what 
happened to a similar proposal before Nagel and Newman was published. 
(See Goedel, Collected Works, vols. IV and V, correspondences with 
Allan Angoff, Wilson Follett, and Ernest Nagel.)

There is now a complete Italian translation of all of vols. I and II 
of the Collected Works. Although I haven't checked this, it seems 
probable that the translation of 1931 is new.

Charles Parsons

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