[FOM] Do the British not accept such principles as "p is true iff p"?

Neil Tennant neilt at mercutio.cohums.ohio-state.edu
Tue Oct 21 19:51:49 EDT 2003

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Dean Buckner wrote:

> ... asks Tennant.  I was taught by the late C.J.F.Williams, who was a
> British logician of some authority (as a member of the editorial board of
> Analysis he may have refereed Tennant's papers submitted to that journal).
> He certainly would have questioned this principle, being a disciple of
> Prior.

Hintikka once wrote of such captiousness about the use/mention distinction
that is was a "fetish of second-rate logicians". Presumably this principle
generalizes to the n-th rate, for n>2.

As soon as the makers of ascii oblige with keyboard strokes for corner
quotes, I shall be happy to supply them in my postings using placeholders 
p for sentences. Until then, on this email list, please take such corner
quotes as read.

Neil Tennant

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