[FOM] Parallel to Slater on Numbers

Arnon Avron aa at tau.ac.il
Thu Oct 9 18:13:20 EDT 2003

> 'd(a)={e|e || p}' and 'a isin N' are ungrammatical.

To me an argument like this is as persuasive as arguing that people are not
machines because "Thinking Machines" is ungrammatical. I see however
no chance of convincing you, so I dont intend to continue this fruitless
discussion, and in any case I dont believe you will find a single
*mathematician* who will be convinced by your arguments. Still, I am
curious about the extent to which you are ready to apply this grammatical
argument. So let me repeat my example from my previous posting (an example
you have ignored so far), and ask you: Do you reject the propositions:
"The pair <0,1> isin the exponential function" and "the exponential function
is a subset of the upper half-plane" as ungrammatical?

Arnon Avron

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