[FOM] Post on Creativity vs. Hadamard on Invention

William.Piper@colorado.edu William.Piper at colorado.edu
Fri Oct 3 02:09:40 EDT 2003

Hello fellow FoMers, 
   I am interested in a discussion about some essential differences between 
Post's interpretation of the Incompleteness phenomena as evidence that 
mathematics is essentially a creative endeavor and Hadamard's Psychology of 
   I looked up both in the FoM archive and both turned up, but very little 
discussion seemed to be generated. Given Martin Davis' post on August 29 (Vol 
8, Issue 22) and the current debate between formalism and platonism, it seems 
appropriate to reintroduce the intuitionist view and how it relates to Post and

   Do I have any takers?


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