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Chapman Hall/CRC Mathematics Series  Volume: 26

ISBN: 1584882379
Publication Date: 11/17/2003
Number of Pages: 424

" Offers a concise introduction to the results and techniques of
contemporary computability theory
" Reflects modern developments in treatment and subject matter in this
fundamentally important area
" Provides an accessible guide to the direction of current research
" Includes discussions of Turing definability, complexity of computations,
and the relevance of computability theory to science

Written by a leading researcher, Computability Theory provides a concise,
comprehensive, and authoritative introduction to contemporary
computability theory, techniques, and results. The basic concepts and
techniques of computability theory are placed in their historical,
philosophical and logical context. This presentation is characterized by
an unusual breadth of coverage and the inclusion of advanced topics not to
be found elsewhere in the literature at this level.

The book includes both the standard material for a first course in
computability and more advanced looks at degree structures, forcing,
priority methods, and determinacy. The final chapter explores a variety of
computability applications to mathematics and science.

Computability Theory is an invaluable text, reference, and guide to the
direction of current research in the field. Nowhere else will you find the
techniques and results of this beautiful and basic subject brought alive
in such an approachable and lively way.

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