[FOM] "The Anatomy and Ultimate Nature of "True-but-Unprovable Propositions III"

steve newberry stevnewb at ix.netcom.com
Fri Nov 14 20:23:51 EST 2003

The essay of the above title is now available in PDF (downloadable) format at
http://www.mathpreprints.com/math/Preprint/stevnewb/20031020/4/, but this 
is not
a "hotlink", it has to be copied to your browser in order to get there.

Once within the PDF reader [I recommend version 6.00] it bcomes downloadble 
via the 'File/Save As' option. Most of the contents have appeared 
previously on the FOM site, but only in a very fragmented form, and I have 
benefitted greatly from criticisms (regarding my use of terminology) from 
many FOM List subscribers.

I have submitted this essay to J.S.L. [wish me luck!] and would appreciate 
any feedback, of any nature, preferably sent to my "FROM:" address so as to 
not clutter up the FOM site. I'm pretty sure that Martin would confirm that.

Respectfully and cordially,


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