[FOM] Announcement: Symposium in honor of Solomon Feferman

Rick Sommer sommer at csli.stanford.edu
Tue Nov 4 12:28:08 EST 2003


	Symposium in honor of Solomon Feferman
	Stanford, January 17-18

A symposium in honor of Solomon Feferman on the occasion of his
retirement will take place at Stanford University for a full day on
Saturday, January 17, 2004, and on the morning of January 18. There
will be a banquet dinner in the evening on the first day.

Talks will be given by John Etchemendy, Dana Scott, Dagfinn Follesdal,
Rick Sommer, Grisha Mints, Wilfried Sieg, Paolo Mancosu, Carolyn
Talcott, Ian Mason, Thomas Hofweber, and Michael Rathjen.  The location
will be Cordura Hall. 

Program Committee: Dagfinn Follesdal, Grigori Mints (chair), Richard Sommer

See http://www.stanford.edu/~sommer/Feferman04.html for more details.

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